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Royal Horticultural Society National Gardening Week 2019

This year’s National Gardening Week is encouraging everyone to “grow your own”. At Creating Bright Futures, we believe that our gardens and our unconscious minds have a great deal in common.

Everyone has the space in their garden to grow something to eat, whether that’s a single pot of herbs on a window sill or a garden of vegetables overflowing with potatoes, runner beans, carrots and parsnips. Similarly, we each have the capacity to allow our unconscious minds to grow and to allow us to flourish.

We can all learn how to grow things from seeds, feeding the soil, removing the unwanted stones, debris and weeds to enrich the ground for our seeds to grow. Well, sometimes, we need to “sift out” the unwanted debris (negative emotions) from our unconscious minds as well so that we’re able to nurture a better, more positive version of ourselves.

By growing our own food, we are able to reconnect with where our food comes from. By growing ourselves in a more positive way we are also then able to reconnect with who we really are and with what we know we are capable of achieving.

There is always enough time within the season to grow something. It is never too late for us to get rid of the negativity that surrounds us from time to time to allow us to nurture and flourish.

Creating Bright Futures can help you build your capacity to get rid of the “weeds”, the stones, boulders and other debris that stand in the way of your development into a new “you”.

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The Marathon Season 2019 

Good luck if you’re taking part in any of the forthcoming marathons, half marathons or 10k races this season. 

You’ve spent months preparing, training hard and long, forsaking meals and celebrations with friends and family to maintain your training regime, keeping a close eye on your nutrition and possibly avoided all forms of alcohol since Christmas.

The day arrives and you know you can do this right? Then, suddenly, you experience a mix of emotions from excitement to nervousness to maybe wondering if you can do this after all?

Arriving at the start line is an amazing experience in itself as you’re surrounded by thousands of other “soon to be” distqnce runners. You’ve said goodbye to family and friends (for the next few hours anyway) and this may be when the real nerves kick in.

Surprisingly though, when you start talking to other runners you realise that you’re not alone – you’re all in this together!

Hint 1: Throughout the entire distance there will be people lining the route cheering you and every other runner on. Soak up the noise, the clapping, the confidence and the positive energy from them because that will help you cover the miles. At Creating Bright Futures, we refer to this as a “Positive Anchor”.

Hint 2: Make sure your playlist includes all yourfavourite tracks that mean something to you and which give you a warm and positive feeling inside. These are also “Positive Anchors”.

Hint 3: Look for family and friends/special supporters at prearranged points en route – their role is key in supporting you and encouraging you when the going gets tough.

Hint 4: If it feels like you’re struggling, just remember all the time, effort, sacrifices and commitment you put into this. This will help you believe in yourself. Remember – “you are awesome!”

Hint 5: With such a huge commitment, its easy for even minor, niggling pains and discomfort to appear overwhelming. Focus on you, what you’ve signed up for, what you’re about to achieve and imagine how you’ll feel when you cross that line.

And after you finish the race?

Hint 6: Use that experience as a positive anchor. Whenever you need to feel a burst of confidence and achievement, remember how you felt when you crossed that line. Then float down inside your body, see what you saw, hear what you heard and really feel those feelings of confidence and achievement.  

Creating Bright Futures specialises in coaching, weight change and confidence building. So, if any of what you have read resonates with you.

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