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Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching and Coaching for Personal Development

Coaching brings the best out in people. A Breakthrough Coaching programme will support you with your personal development and will align your values to your goals enabling you to meet your goals and aspirations.

A Breakthrough Coaching programme uses all of the techniques in our toolbox.  We’ll question, reflect, explain, set tasks and exercises to support your growth  and set some benchmarks with you. We’ll ask you to sign a coaching agreement to confirm your commitment to the process. Then, together, we will;

  • establish your goals and outcomes for Breakthrough Coaching;
  • discover what has prevented you from achieving those goals and outcomes so far;
  • use Timeline Therapy™ to eliminate the negative emotions and limiting decisions you have and set your goals in the future;
  • agree tasks for you to undertake (and timescales) and the frequency and venue/s of meetings.

So, what can you expect in a Breakthrough Coaching Programme?

Our first meeting will be a fact-finding session.  Coaching involves you undertaking some tasks, followed by 2 days of intense work with us.

And what if, after completing a Breakthrough Coaching programme with us, you became the best possible version of you, able to set your goals and achieve them all because your goals and values had now been aligned correctly? Just imagine how that would feel.

So if Breakthrough Coaching interests you  why not call or e-mail us now for a discussion about how we can help you will maximise your potential.

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