Creating Bright Futures

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There was once a woman, just an ordinary woman (if any woman is “ordinary”), who was very frustrated, disappointed and unhappy with how her life had turned out for her. She had always done her best to be her best but, well, things always seemed to get in the way.

 She’d had a reasonably successful career but she could have achieved a great deal more. She’d had several lovers in her life but she’d somehow seemed to push them away. She did, however, have a few very close friends. She’d always had a very close family, they were very supportive of her as she was of them. But she felt she’d let herself down for not having had any children – and it was now too late!

 For her age, she thought she looked pretty good (her friends said so too) and she put this down to the fact that she worked out 4 or 5 times a week and always watched what she ate. There was hardly an ounce of fat on her. She’d taken an active interest in her own personal development in her younger days when she thought she had a clear line of sight along her career path, not any longer though. As a young girl she went to church regularly and always believed that she was to play a part in God’s Great Plan. She’d now lost her faith.

 One day, she found herself sitting on a park bench next to a nun. The nun, who was dressed in a usual black and white habit, looked at her with a knowing glint in her eye and said “My child, you look so unhappy, is there anything I can do to help?” The woman told her story to the nun and the nun invited her to her convent. At the convent, the nun took the woman to a heavy wooden door with a large cast iron key in a large, intricate cast iron lock. The nun told the woman that this was the door to “her” and she was to enter the room beyond and explore. 

 She did as she was told, after all she had nothing to lose and she was very, very curious about this nun. The room beyond was a library and, brightly illuminated on a shelf were 6 books. The woman was taken aback, especially so when the nun told her to pick up these 6 books and place them into a roaring fire burning in the corner of the library where they immediately burst into green, orange, blue and yellow flames.

 The 6 books had immediately burst into flames such was the intense heat of the fire. The flames were licking the books as a child would lick an ice cream on a hot summer’s day. The nun gave the woman a poker

and told her to move closer to the fire. As she did so, she noticed that, despite the heat of the fire, the bindings of the books had retained their titles and that only the words of the pages had burned away, leaving the manuscript intact. The woman could clearly see that the titles of the 6 books were; “Your Career”, “Your Relationships”, “Your Family”, Your Health and Fitness”, “Your Personal Development” and “Your Spirituality”. The woman used the poker to remove each of the books from the fire.

 The nun gave the woman a pen. She knew what she must do without any guidance from the nun. She spent the next 3 days sitting at a table in the library rewriting these 6 books. Each of the books represented a new chapter, a rebirth, a re-evaluation of the 6 most important aspects of her life. When she was finished she opened the heavy wooden door of the library and stepped back out into the convent. The nun locked the door behind them with the large cast iron key which she then gave to the woman. The woman looked at the nun and noticed that she still had that knowing, glint in her eye.