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Weight Change

Your weight is not your problem!!

You may not realise it but the concern you have about your weight has nothing to do with what you put into your mouth. But it has everything to do with why you eat and when you eat i.e. the way you behave towards food.

Behind these concerns will be a range of emotions that need addresseing in order for you to feel differently about yourself and change your relationship with food.

Maybe you’ve already tried one (or more) of the many slimming organisations, attended regularly, paid your weekly fees and then stopped attending because you haven’t achieved (or can’t maintain) your weight goal.

Or perhaps you’ve joined a gym or a fitness club and, after a few weeks/months have stopped going because you haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for.

Or maybe you’ve tried the various diets, or simply “cut down on”  or “cut out” some foods and drinks.

So what’s been holding you back?

Well, if your personal values are not correctly aligned to your goals and objectives then it is unlikely that you will achieve them. 

At Creating Bright Futures we will work with you to realign your values, give you the control you need over your mind and empower you to conquer your body.

We will work together to resolve your weight issues and to do this you will be asked to complete a few tasks so we can accurately tailor what will work best for you.

We will then use some NLP tools and techniques to discover what the real problem is, help you change your behaviours and your values around food and give you some future tasks to do to maintain your change in weight.

The weight change programme is an intensive 2 days as opposed to weeks of weight loss classes, calorie counting and exercise! 

So, if a Weight Change programme interests you why not complete the   “Contact Us Form”

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We look forward to speaking to you very soon.